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Union Station Weddings

Union Station weddings in Washington DC

Union Station weddings are really beautiful. Union Station itself is visually stunning and has beautiful architecture. There are several options to choose from when planning a wedding at Union Station. 

First, the Columbus Club is a popular wedding venue option. Located upstairs, removed from the hustle and bustle of the station, Columbus Club is an excellent choice for a reception that includes dinner and dancing. You can also have your ceremony there!

Another option for a similarly sized event is the newly opened Presidential Suite. I am photographing an event there in July, and I'm so excited because it is a lovely space with great architecture. 

For larger events, East Hall at Union Station is a very sizable space with room to accommodate your family and friends. The soaring ceilings and beauty is truly impressive. 

I've photographed many weddings at Union Station over the years, and I would highly recommend this venue. They even provide security to accompany you for photographs you may want to take in and around the station. If you head outside, there is a great vantage point for photos with the Capitol Dome. 

If you'd like to get more information about Union Station weddings in Washington DC,  you can click here to visit their website. 

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