Saudi wedding at Washington DC four seasons
Jen Cody is a wedding photographer and elopement photographer in Washington DC.

Saudi wedding at Washington DC four seasons

This Saudi wedding in Washington DC took place at the Four Seasons in Georgetown. I absolutely love photographing Saudi weddings. As a female photographer, I really enjoy being a part of the celebration and documenting in an unobtrusive way. I've enjoyed learning more about Saudi wedding traditions! 

Saudi weddings in Washington DC often happen during the week, and usually as late in the evening as possible. According to my Saudi brides, the ideal time is for the wedding preparations to start after the last evening prayers, but unfortunately many DC hotels have a cut off time for their receptions, so compromises must be made!

Many Saudi weddings have guests from far and wide who travel to be there for the bride and groom and support their marriage! Traditions vary, but usually at a Saudi wedding, the bride spends time with her family and female relatives prior to the event. The guest list is comprised primarily of women, other than a few male relatives of the bride and groom who are part of the celebration.

Typically the bride and her family take photographs prior to the wedding, and then the bride makes her entrance into the ballroom where guests are waiting. There is a raised dais area where the bride will sit and there is an opportunity to take photos with her before the groom arrives.

Once the groom is there, the female guests are giving warning to cover up if they wish. Then the groom enters with their close male relatives. He makes his way to the bride who waits for him on the stage.

There is typically no exchange of vows, but the bride and groom do take photos with their friends and family and oftentimes there is a cake cutting or other tradition that signifies the end of the wedding. If the bride and groom haven't had an opportunity to take photos yet, we can often take great night portraits after the conclusion of the wedding itself. 

Location: 2800 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007.