Punta Cana wedding
Jen Cody is a wedding photographer and elopement photographer in Washington DC.

Punta Cana wedding

This Punta Cana wedding was one of my favorite destination weddings! Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, is a beautiful location, just a few hours by plane from Washington, DC.

Punta Cana is an excellent destination wedding spot. This couple chose Al Sol Del Mar for their celebration with family and friends.

Destination weddings are truly special, because they offer you the opportunity to spend not just one day or evening with your family and friends - but several days or even an entire week!

When you do plan a destination wedding, it can be a little nerve wracking to choose vendors. You need someone who will be able to execute your vision, and as in this case, you may be traveling to a place where you don't speak the local language! Having lived in Mexico and other parts of Latin America, I speak fluent Spanish which is very helpful when shooting a Punta Cana destination wedding!

This particular family is one I have worked with on several local weddings! So it was definitely a special honor to travel with them to Punta Cana for this beautiful event!

I had never been to Punta Cana before this wedding although I've photographed events in other parts of the world. Getting to the Dominican Republic was pretty easy and the resort was a fairly short drive from the airport. Al Sol Del Mar is located on a beautiful part of the island and it has a larger sister resort where guests can also enjoy additional facilities and restaurants.

I would highly recommend a destination wedding for anyone who likes the idea of a longer overall experience and more time with family and friends. My clients got permission from the resort to have an outside photographer which is crucial when negotiating an event. We also checked with the embassy here in the US to ensure that I was permitted to photograph the wedding. I believe in doing things the legal way and as long as we have some lead time it's easy to take the right approach.

Location: Cap Cana, Boulevard Zona Hotelera, El Quemado 23000, Dominican Republic.