Penderyn wedding
Jen Cody is a wedding photographer and elopement photographer in Washington DC.

Penderyn wedding

The eastern shore has many beautiful event venues, but this Penderyn wedding is definitely one of the loveliest I've photographed!
Penderyn, located in Queenstown, Maryland, is a beautiful estate that used to be known as the Chef Boyardee mansion! I photographed it when it was still under private ownership, and the bride and groom enjoyed celebrating their marriage at their family's beautiful home and property.
Penderyn is a stunning place for a wedding - it overlooks the Wye River and it is located on a beautiful peninsula. For a Chesapeake Bay waterfront wedding, it doesn't get much better than this!
The bride and her bridesmaids got ready in the beautiful upstairs suite, and the window light was beautiful. I loved working with Katie, and in fact I've continued to take annual portraits for she and her husband since!
After getting ready at Penderyn, we headed to church for Katie and Brooks' lovely ceremony. Katie was escorted down the aisle by her grandmother.
After the ceremony, we took some family photographs at the church, and then we headed to the limo to return to the Penderyn Estate. The groom is not a huge fan of having his photo taken - sometimes that happens with clients, and my job is to do what I can to make you more comfortable and of course, provide you with at least a few beautiful portraits!
I'm very flexible on what works best for each couple, and I will always talk with you about your ideas, requests, and fears about photography in advance of the wedding day. Together we can come up with a great wedding photography plan to make sure you get the absolute best wedding photos.
Penderyn wedding photos in particular are stunning, and as we returned to the estate, we had our choice of anywhere on the grounds for photography. We decided to start with some great bridal party photos in front of the water. Then we ordered some pizza for the groom (really!) and took some portraits of them together, including a great image with their dog.
Then, we moved on into their tented Penderyn wedding reception!

Location: Queenstown, Maryland.