DC Indian wedding
Jen Cody is a wedding photographer and elopement photographer in Washington DC.

DC Indian wedding

I really loved photographing this DC Indian wedding at the Meridian House. One of the most amazing things about Washington DC weddings is that with our diverse population, we have many interfaith and interracial unions. I have now photographed several Indian and Indian fusion weddings throughout the DC area. Indian weddings are visually stunning, with bright colors. They often span several days. Traditionally, Indian weddings begin with a mehndi ceremony, in which the bride gathers with female friends and relatives to have intricate henna artwork placed on her hands. Later, the families celebrate the sangeet, with a meal, celebration, and even dance performances. The third day begins with the baraat, when the groom arrives in grand style - often riding a white horse. Sometimes he rides an elephant! Which is a crazy sight, when it happens on 14th Street! Once the groom arrives, he is greeted by the bride and her family and the bride and groom exchange flower garlands prior to the ceremony.

Location: Meridian House, 1630 Crescent Place, NW, Washington, DC 20009.