Ritz Carlton wedding Tyson's Corner
Jen Cody is a professional wedding photographer in Washington DC.
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Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton wedding Tyson's Corner

This Ritz Carlton wedding in Tyson's Corner was a large, festive event! M&Q were excited to bring together their families and friends to celebrate their marriage.

M had been working in Sri Lanka to build up a nonprofit, while Q was still living here in the US. Long distance wedding planning isn't easy, and M and I had several Skype calls to talk about details, scheduling, and general wedding planning!

On the day of the wedding, I arrived to photograph M in her prep room with her sisters and mom. Hair and makeup was still underway in their suite.

Once that was completed, M needed some help with her elaborate, beautiful wedding ensemble. Her mom and sisters helped her arrange her gown and her veil. They also helped with her gorgeous, pieces of jewelry!

M also made time to go help Q with his outfit as well! 

Once they were both dressed and ready, we took some time to head out for wedding day portraits! It was a lovely day in May, and we had plenty of sunshine and we found a great location where we could take beautiful photographs.

M&Q couldn't move very fast, given limited mobility that comes with heavy, beaded outfits!

We headed back to the hotel so that M and Q's Ritz Carlton wedding could get underway! The cocktail hour took place outside the beautiful ballroom.

Once cocktail hour ended, guests were invited into the fully decorated ballroom. The flowers and decor were lovely and accented beautifully with the lighting.


Location: 1700 Tysons Blvd, McLean, VA 22102.