Muslim Wedding Washington DC
Jen Cody is a professional wedding photographer in Washington DC.
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Ritz Carlton

Muslim Wedding Washington DC

This Muslim wedding in Washington DC took place at the Ritz Carlton, in Tyson's Corner. The bride organized the entire event while living in Sri Lanka, and with the help of her family, the beautiful wedding day went smoothly!

This Muslim wedding at the Ritz Carlton was set up beautifully, with lighting, stunning high floral arrangements, and gold chairs with custom linens.

The stage was the focal point with a large Islamic dais and a vintage white sofa set up along with flowers and a backdrop. M&Q sat on the dais and listened to toasts from their guests, including some very touching speeches from siblings and parents.

The Muslim wedding didn't have a ceremony in the way that western weddings do - so this was more of a celebration of their marriage and time to celebrate with friends and family from all over the world. 

The bright colors of the Muslim wedding were vivid and gorgeous. The bride wore an elaborately beaded outfit. Part way through the reception, she headed upstairs to change into a more comfortable gold dancing dress. She took some friends with her to help her change, since the outfit required a bit of teamwork!

The groom remained in his outfit for the rest of the evening and they both danced the night away!

Location: 1700 Tysons Blvd, McLean, VA 22102.