Fairmont Hotel Weddings Washington DC
Jen Cody is a professional wedding photographer in Washington DC.
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Fairmont Hotel Weddings Washington DC

Beautiful Fairmont Hotel Weddings in Washington DC happen every weekend, but this one took place on a gorgeous summer day! The bride and groom chose the Fairmont for its beauty, especially demonstrated by the Colonnade Ballroom as well as the courtyard.

The Colonnade ballroom is one of the most popular DC wedding venues due to its unique shape and beautiful raised platform for ceremonies and dancing.

The Fairmont courtyard is a lovely urban oasis where in this case, the bride and groom choose to do their first look. Afterwards, we had some time to take photos of the bridal party in the courtyard as well!

With this Fairmont Hotel Wedding in Washington DC, we had plenty of time to spend with the bride and groom for portraits!

So we decided to spend some time in the West End neighborhood around the Fairmont, and then we drove into Georgetown to switch it up! Georgetown wedding portraits are always gorgeous and add a ton of variety. 

Once we'd finished with their wedding portraits, we headed back for their Fairmont DC ceremony. The couple had some time to freshen up while we captured the setup and guests awaiting the bride's big entrance.

The ceremony in the colonnade room was beautiful as always, and afterwards guests moved to the newly renovated Fairmont Hotel Washington DC lobby to enjoy drinks and snacks!

Meanwhile, the staff at the Fairmont was hard at work changing the setup of the colonnade room to accommodate the wedding reception!