Jen Cody is a wedding photographer and elopement photographer in Washington DC.
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Featured weddings in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland

I hope you enjoy viewing this selection of images from recent weddings!

DC weddings come in all shapes and sizes; my favorite part of being a wedding photographer is capturing images that will help my clients relive the emotions of their wedding day. After months of planning, the day goes by quickly - and when that day has passed, the photographs are an essential part of your family history.

Wedding photography is an important investment.

The day passes so quickly, and it's so easy to miss things or forget certain events. Fantastic wedding photography is what you allows you to relive the moments from your wedding day for years to come.

I always urge my clients to focus first on hiring the best wedding photographer they can, because the images themselves will endure. I pride myself on providing timeless images that my clients and their families will cherish forever.

If possible, I encourage you to also include a wedding album in your plans. Although you may receive the high resolution files after the wedding, a tangible wedding album is truly the best way to showcase those photographs. File formats change, and you may not always stay up to date, but an archival wedding album will be visible and accessible even decades from now when we're all riding around in flying cars.

The beauty of a wedding album is its accessibility to you and your family. You may not look through it daily, but you will be so happy to have it on your anniversary, when your family members ask about the wedding, and when future generations want a window into the past.