Jen Cody is a professional wedding photographer in Washington DC.
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Headshot Photography

My name is Jen and I hate when people use iPhone photos for their Linkedin profile. It's true. Although iPhone photos take great images these days, there's nothing quite like a truly great professional headshot to set you apart.

Most people would never think of skimping on photos of their wedding or their kids - but when it comes to getting a great professional headshot, often they're not sure where to start. I'll work with you to create a flattering, professional headshot.

I have a studio space in downtown DC and I'd love to set up a headshot session for you. Please reach out to me and we can talk more about it!

Many of my DC area clients are looking for a great image that they can use for Linkedin, publications, or other work related usage. The headshot should be professional, modern, and portray you in the best possible light. I work with both men and women to produce flattering, professional headshots and I would be happy to set up an appointment for you.

Personal and Business Branding

We can also work together on a less traditional portrait if you have something else in mind. Certain professionals, such as therapists or doctors, may call for a more approachable headshot, and that's something I can work with you to attain. Chef portraits may call for a kitchen or dining room setting.

Many of my clients need portraits for personal and business branding, and I offer longer portrait sessions that accommodate those needs.

Headshot Photo Studio

My studio space is located in downtown DC, near the Convention Center. I'm available during the day by appointment as well as early evening for sessions. Most of my studio headshot sessions lasts about thirty minutes. Before the session, we'll talk about your goals for the headshot. You'll have an opportunity to switch outfits, if you'd like.

To get the ball rolling, please send me an email and we'll discuss what you need and set an appointment for the headshot. My rates begin at $250 for an individual headshot, but I do offer discounts for groups working with me on the same day. A 50% retainer is required to book your headshot.

Once the session is over, you'll be able to view proofs online and choose your two favorite images for me to edit and deliver. I will provide you with the finished, edited photographs as well as the high resolution files for your use.

Please reach out to me and we can talk about it, and set you up with an appointment!

I also work on site at your location to create headshots for your entire staff. If you have an aesthetic in mind, we can talk more about your needs and set up an appointment. Each organization is different, but everyone needs a modern, professional headshot to create the best impression on prospective clients. Putting your best foot forward is easier when you have a great image to match your resume.